Our Rides

Team Coastal rides are expected to resume in 2021. We adhere to Cycling BC's directives and return to sport guidelines for clubs and group rides. Please read and understand Team Coastal Group Ride Guidelines and Expectations before signing up or renewing your membership, or joining rides if you're a member. A Cycling BC membership is required to ride with us.

Every week, we offer a number of group rides of varying speeds and distances. We have designated ride leaders for all rides where possible, and a no-drop ride policy, meaning no one is left behind.

Ride Levels

Navel: 40km–50km, pace adjusted for slower riders. Great for riders new to the sport or to group riding. Come as you are and we'll get you comfortable riding in a group (peloton).

Valencia: 55km–100km+, pace is faster than beginner rides. You need to feel comfortable with group riding, and should have a base fitness level, a road bike and proper (clipless) footwear.

Blood: High speeds and 100km+ distances make these rides ideal if you’re looking for a challenge.

Drop/No-Drop Policy

Both Navel and Valencia Rides are no-drop rides. There will be regrouping points and pace adjustments so you are not left on your own. We start together and finish together.

Blood is a drop ride. You must be able to keep up with the pace as there are no regrouping points. Talk to ride leader for more information if you’re not sure you should join the Blood level.

South Surrey rides leave from Bakerview Park on 154 St. and 18th Ave. in South Surrey.

Cloverdale rides leave from the King of Floors, 15350 56 Ave.

 Ride  Level  Status
 Saturday  9:00 AM South Surrey Ride Navel Starts Apr 10
 Saturday  9:00 AM South Surrey Ride Valencia Starts Apr 10
 Saturday  9:00 AM South Surrey Ride Blood Starts Apr 10
 Monday  6:00 PM South Surrey Ride Navel Starts Apr 12
 Monday    6:00 PM Cloverdale Valencia Discontinued
 Wednesday    6:00 PM South Surrey Ride Navel Starts June 30
 Wednesday  6:00 PM South Surrey Ride Valencia Starts Apr 10

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