Our Rides

Every week, we offer a number of group rides of varying speeds and distances. We have designated ride leaders for all rides where possible, and a no-drop ride policy, meaning no one is left behind.

Ride Levels

The average speeds are over the course of an entire ride so track your ride on Strava (or another app) to determine your pace. It is often slower than we think. In general you will ride approx 2 km/h faster in a group ride. Early season rides in April/May are shorter and we hit these numbers in June. If you are joining the club later in the season please take this into consideration on your first ride. For safety reasons, if you are uncertain which group to join err on the side of safety and join a group that is a bit slower. You will meet new people and get an idea of whether or not you should move up a level. The ride leaders and current members are great resources.

 Level  Speed (km/h)  Distance 
 Weeknight (km)
 Saturday (km)
 Navel  20-23  30   50-65
 Tangerine  23-25  45  60-80
 Valencia  25-27  45  60-80+
 Blood   >27  55  100+

Navel: 30 km - 65 km. Pace adjusted for slower riders. Great for riders new to the sport or to group riding. Come as you are and we'll get you comfortable riding in a group.

Tangerine: 45 km-80+ km at an in between pace. You need to feel comfortable with group riding, and should have a road bike and proper (clipless) footwear.

Valencia: 45km–80+km, pace is faster than beginner rides. You need to feel comfortable with group riding, and should have a good fitness level, a road bike and proper (clipless) footwear.

Blood: Higher speeds and 100km+ distances make these rides ideal if you’re looking for a challenge.

**All levels are no-drop rides. There will be regrouping points and pace adjustments so you are not left on your own. We start together and finish together.

Weekly Ride Schedule

*Please arrive 15 min before departure time. We roll out of the parking lot at the posted time.

 Location  Level  Status
 Saturday  9:00 am Grandview Pool All levels Done for the season
 Monday  6:00 pm King of Floors Valentia/Blood Done for the season
 Wednesday  6:00 pm Grandview Pool Navel/Tangerine/Valentia Done for the season

Bakerview Park is located at 154th St. and 18th Av.

King of Floors is located at 15350 56 Ave.

Regular Rides

Click on the name of the route or scan the QR code to link to the Strava map.

JD Turkey Farm - 63 km
Break at JD Turkey


Aldergrove Loop - 74 km
Break at Starbucks