Annual General Meeting - November 19, 2020

3 Dec 2020 20:01 | Kimberly Whidden

Members in Attendance (via Zoom)

  • Cathy Butler
  • Chris Wilson
  • David Dunnigan
  • Duff Thomas
  • Edward Dillon
  • Eric Nadin
  • Jennifer Adams
  • Kimberly Whidden
  • Les Suzuki
  • Martin Kastelein
  • Roberto Henao
  • Sean Oliver
  • Teresa Stuart

Meeting called to order at 7:01pm. Chris Wilson moved/Second Roberto Henao to accept 2019 AGM minutes

President’s Report/Year in Review – Roberto Henao and Dave Dunnigan

  • Pandemic hit us hard 
  • Virtually no social activities – no barbeque, Christmas party, etc.
  • Far fewer rides operated – due to health and safety requirements o Smaller group rides operated
  • Don’t believe that any members have been sickened by Covid-19
  • Hard to quantify year due to pandemic 
  • Looking forward to 2021 

Treasurer’s Report – Roberto Henao and Cathy Butler

  • Healthy balance for 2020-11-19 
  • Most of the assets currently on hand are clothing inventory 
  • Offered lower fees for returning members plus had fewer new members due to Covid-19
  • Invested in new website – biggest expense of the year
Website - Kimberly Whidden
  • Launched new website – in Q1 2020 
  • Migrated to new system – easier to maintain 
  • Kimberly Whidden currently maintains the site 
Team Kit – Les Suzuki
  • Still wanting to work with Cap’s South Shore 
  • Want to look at getting different items for the kit – perhaps applicable to the off season

New Business – Dave Dunnigan 

  • Best case scenario – bounce –back – likely will be similar to this past year
  • Won’t be able to bounce back until a vaccine is available 
  • Plan to keep existing membership rates/fees 
  • Will continue with membership stickers 
  • Still have restrictions on activities, based on Cycling BC requirements 
  • Offering members a Cap’s South Shore credit to be used by end of 2020 
  • South Shore no longer able to offer members a 20% discount due to financial restraints (accessories, never bicycles) 
  • Jennifer Adams offered her commendations on how well the club has been run this past year
Proposed Board 2020-2021 Members
  • Roberto Henao – Past President 
  • Dave Dunnigan – President 
  • Mike Richter – Vice President 
  • Chris Wilson – Secretary 
  • Cathy Butler– Treasurer & Registrar 
  • Kimberly Whidden – Recreation Director
  • Les Suzuki – Clothing Coordinator 

No challenges or other nominations

Roberto Henao moved/Jennifer Adams – seconded to approve proposed nominations

Roberto Henao officially and formally passes the leadership baton to Dave Dunnigan

Dave thanked the members for the past year, the board and Roberto

Meeting closed at 7:49pm – motion by Roberto Henao /Seconded by Eric Nadin

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