Annual General Meeting - November 25, 2021

8 Jan 2022 07:51 | Deleted user

Members in Attendance (via Zoom)

  • Bridget Perry-Gore
  • Cathy Butler
  • Chris Wilson
  • David Dunnigan
  • Duff Thomas
  • Grig Cook
  • Eric Nadin
  • Jen Mutch
  • John Parsons
  • Kimberly Whidden (Dudra)
  • Les Suzuki
  • Michael Cox
  • Mike Richter
  • Peter Orr
  • Philip de Leeuw
  • Roberto Henao
  • Teresa Stuart

Meeting called to order at 7:04pm. Mike Richter moved/Second Philip De Leeuw to accept 2019 AGM minutes

President’s Report/year in review –Dave Dunnigan

  •  92 Members, 14 new members
  • New Tangerine Level – between Navel and Valencia
  • Great support from ride leaders – met with them over dinner to thank them and get feedback
  • Want to bring back the Blood Ride
  • Found a new coffee shop
  • Had a great Fondo – thanks to all who turned out
  •  Les doing a great job handling the kit
  • Trying to include safety tips/training on rides
  • Focus on Whatsapp to communicate ride status
  • 2021 so much better than 2020 and looking forward to a better 2022

Social Director Report – Kim Dudra – retiring director

  • Not much possible – did the ice cream ride and Victoria ride plus the Fondo and BBQ in August.
  • Planning for a bigger calendar for 2022 – hoping the safety guidelines will allow events to occur – Taco, waffle/shortcake ride, ice cream, Victoria and Fondo/BBQ
  • Cross border too?
  • Holiday party – January 2022

Treasurer’s Report – Cathy Butler

Events include the subsidy of Ferry for Victoria trip and Club Fondo.  Gifts include the money members redeemed with purchases at South Shore.  Computer Expenses include a new website.

Website – Kim Dudra

  • Mainly for registration and kit purchase
  • What else can we do with the site
  • Need new photos loaded
  • Believe the site reflects the diversity/culture of the club
  • Manage newsletter from website
  • Also use Whatsapp to communicate about ride status
  • Want to come up with a way to only use this as an ‘exception’ rather than a weekly update –
  • Website has been a bit neglected due to Covid – refresh into 2022

Team Kit – Les Suzuki

  • Due to supply chain issues, order took longer than expected
  • South Shore covered 20% of order due to an issue with billing
  • Well stocked for any size going into 2022 – kit is available
  • Also vests, leg/arm warmers and jackets – in addition to shorts/jersey

New Business – Dave Dunnigan

  • Leave fee structure as-is – in good financial situation
  • Stickers for helmets seem to work
  • Give website a refresh
  • Use set routes for ‘main’ rides
  • Ride leaders get paid Strava to manage ride routes – feel it to be  good investment  
  • Dave Dunnigan moves/ Mike Richter seconds that Team Coastal cover the cost of Strava membership for ride leaders
  • Thanks given to Kim Dudra for her hard work as Social Director – been a challenging year – sad to lose you to Penticton.

Proposed Board 2020-2021 members

  • Roberto Henao – past president
  • Dave Dunnigan – President
  • Mike Richter – Vice President
  • Chris Wilson – Secretary
  • Cathy Butler – Treasurer & Registrar
  • Bridget Perry-Gore – Social Director
  • Les Suzuki – Clothing Coordinator

No challenges or other nominations

Moved Eric Nadin/Teresa Stuart Seconded to accept the board nominations – unanimously.

Thanks given to – Cathy Butler, Kim Dudra, ride leaders, Bridget for stepping up as social director, Les, Roberto and Mike Richter.

Meeting closed at 7:51pm – motion by Mike Richter /Seconded by Roberto Henao

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