Saturday South Surrey Ride

  • 4 Jan 2020
  • 09:00
  • 19th Ave and 154nd ST in South Surrey (Bakerview Park)

Distance: 65km


Pace is set to keep the group together.

On flat sections with no wind, the group may travel at 28-30kmh and will average 26 to 28 kms/hr including climbs and stops - so please ensure you can keep the pace for the 2-3 hours - (not intended for new riders).

Description:  great combo of hills and flats to build fitness and power.

Ride Description:

This is a great ride for riders to develop their skills, intended for intermediate riders; as a more experienced rider, we always welcome the advice you can give and if your up for the challenge, hill repeats and off-the-back chases are available any time.

We regroup at a few places on the ride so you will never be far from the group if it does break up a little.

You will learn how to ride pace lines and other group riding skills.

The route also allows riders to shorten or lengthen the ride quite easily to accommodate your fitness level and/or time constraints.

In good weather you will see about 25-40 folks on this ride. We are back around noon.

We ride in good weather only.

Coffee after the ride is done at Java Express (16th Avenue, just west of 152nd)

Ride Leader Name: Chris Wilson

Contact Email: ctwilson67 (at)

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