Weekly TC Rides

Weekly Rides

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Day Time Ride Level Status

9:00 AM

Saturday South Surrey Ride



Watch the Twitter Feed.

 Saturday 9:00 AM Saturday Navel Ride  Navel


Watch the Twitter Feed.

Sunday 9:00 AM Sunday Training Ride South Surrey Valencia

Active Contact Hans Vanderdoe

Sunday 9:00 AM Sunday Morning Fort Langley Ride Valencia Active starting May 12. Watch Twitter feed for details
Monday 6:30 PM Monday Cloverdale Ride


NOT ACTIVE - Starts in Spring 2020

Monday 6:30 PM

Monday Zwift Ride. Meet at Watopia Start at 6:30!

Trainer Active


6:00 PM

Monday  Night Recovery Rides


INActive - Needs a Ride Leader - Let us know if you are interested

Wednesday 6:00 PM Wednesday Cross Border Ride Navel, Valencia, Blood

NOT ACTIVE - Returns Spring 2020

Wednesday 6:30 PM Wednesday Canada Ride Valencia Active starts April 24
Friday 9:00 AM Friday Morning Ride Valencia Active

Ride levels:

  • Navel (Orange):   40 km or less, pace adjusted to slower riders, intro to group riding, come as you are and we'll help you out
  • Valencia (Orange):      50+ km, pace is faster than beginner rides, need to feel comfortable with group riding, should have base fitness level, road bike and proper footwear
  • Blood (Orange):   High speeds and longer distances make these rides very challenging.

No-Drop ride: There will be re-group points and pace adjustments so you are not left on your own.

Watch Twitter Feed.

There are a range of non-TC Rides that you might also enjoy. Often members of TC are on these rides, riding as a group and representing the club. Chat with your teammates as these approach to see who is headed out! Click Other Rides to view.